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A little bit about us

I started handcrafting all natural soy candles simply out of love for the beautiful smelling candles. However, what started out as a hobby and a way to create unique gifts for friends and family, soon turned into a thriving family owned business.

We are blessed to be based at the top of the beautiful Catlins area where we don’t have to go far to find natural beauty for inspiration! We pride ourselves on reflecting that natural and genuine beauty both in our products and in the way we operate our business. Our candles are 100% handmade with natural ingredients from sustainable resources. We are dedicated to carefully creating high-quality products that we truly hope will be cherished by their final owners; whether that be people purchasing them for themselves, or receiving them as gifts on special occasions.


We make to order, which means every candle is hand-poured especially for you, rather than collecting dust before being purchased. This means that special care and attention is given to ensuring each candle is made to the same high standard. All of the ingredients used are high quality natural products and come from sustainable resources. We love using soy wax as it creates beautiful, creamy, and often frosted-looking candles, each with a unique finish.